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The first popular digital festival in Turin

Turin will be the ‘home’ of digital with the ‘Festival del digitale popolare’ On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October – with a preview on Friday 7 – the Piedmontese capital will host the first Italian event dedicated to digital culture and policy, organised by the Fondazione Italia Digitale under the patronage of the City of Turin.

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Talks, workshops, in-depth discussions and laboratories will animate the two days through the involvement of experts in the field, academics, institutional figures and prominent personalities from the worlds of culture, entertainment, sport and innovation.

PA, school, sport, culture, museums, books, travel, tourism, mobility, podcasts, satire, new forms of content enjoyment, gaming, rights, health, sustainability, mobility, work, economics, communication and information, these and many other topics will be addressed under the leitmotif of the digital revolution.

The first names: cartoonist and TV author Makkox; actress and sports executive Cristiana Capotondi; epidemiologist Gianni Rezza; footballer and entrepreneu Giorgio Chiellini; former footballer Claudio Marchisio; national football team captain Sara Gama; philosopher Maurizio Ferraris; social communication expert and former creative and strategist team TikTok Uffizi Ilde Forgione; and the musical group La Rappresentante di Lista. Just to anticipate the first names that have already confirmed their participation.
The parterre of guests will be enriched with personalities from the world of institutions, including Patrizio Bianchi, Minister of Education. During the Festival, in fact, a special space is dedicated to the world of young people with the direct involvement of schools. Digital education and training constitute the narrative thread of the initiatives dedicated to girls and boys.

The Festival Poster is created, thanks to Etna Comics, by Josephine Yole Signorelli, aka Fumettibrutti, the new great Italian comics phenomenon.

The aim of the event is to bring the many digital issues close to the people through an inclusive festival, open to everyone’s participation.

Fumettibrutti firma il manifesto del Festival del Digitale Popolare (23/09/2022)

One month at the Popular Digital Festival (7/09/20220)

First “Festival of popular digital”: 8 and 9 October Turin at the center of the national debate on digital issues (13/07/2022)

First “Festival of popular digital” in Turin: presentation conference on 13 July (11/07/2022)

In Turin the first Popular Digital Festival (24/03/2022)

The places of the Festival

Talks, workshops, in-depth studies and laboratories will enliven the event, which opens with a preview on Friday 7 at La Centrale Nuvola Lavazza, before going into full swing on Saturday 8 in the spaces of CAP 10100 and ending on Sunday 9, again at La Centrale Nuvola Lavazza.

ending on Sunday 9, again at La Centrale Nuvola Lavazza.

ending on Sunday 9, again at La Centrale Nuvola Lavazza.

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