Di Costanzo: Communication and digital are absent from the political agenda. A leap forward needed

29 Aug 2022


“It is complicated to find references to digital technology and sector policies within the electoral programmes of the main parties that are standing in the upcoming elections and that will have, from the government and the opposition, the task of carrying forward and further developing the work done to date on the country’s digital transition. It is even more complicated to find something that concerns the future of public communication, so central and decisive in the relationship with citizens, in the simplification of our daily lives thanks to the quality use of digital platforms, and so little considered in the programmes, despite the fact that even the current election campaign would suggest a strong step forward, also and above all of politics, in the culture and quality of digital public communication. There is still time, however, to do one sacrosanct thing: to put digital, with a strong focus on infrastructure, culture, skills, services, policy, and the reform of public communication with a strong digital turn, at the centre of the electoral agenda and above all of the political agenda of today and the coming years’. This was stated by the president of Fondazione Italia Digitale Francesco Di Costanzo

“The next legislature will be decisive on digital and public communication in order not to lose ground and opportunities. This is why we are working with Fondazione Italia Digitale to ensure that digital is popular and that our country continues, with great determination, on the path of digital transformation and development. We will also do this during the first Italian Festival of Popular Digital that will be held in Turin on 7-8-9 October.. This is why, with the PA Social Association, we have been working for years for the recognition of digital communication and information professionals, for a new organisation of work, for correct, quality public communication, at the service of citizens We will also do this during the eighth edition of the Stati Generali della nuova comunicazione pubblica (States General of the new public communication) to be held in Bergamo on 16 and 17 September’.