Fondazione Italia Digitale

Research is a fundamental element to be able to carry out a comprehensive, in-depth, effective and quality work in the field of digital, sector policies and for a virtuous relationship between public and private, enterprises, public administration, citizens. The main objectives of the Fondazione Italia Digitale’s day-to-day activities are to develop a mature digital culture and policies appropriate to the constant revolution that digital has brought and will continue to bring into our lives. For this reason, thanks to the experience and authority in the field of research and dissemination of some of our founders and partners – National Observatory on Digital Communication of PA Social, Piepoli Institute, Osservatorio Digitale – we have put in place a specific work dedicated to surveys, research, data, analytics. Knowledge is essential to be able to operate at our best and make digital familiar, simple, concrete in all its extraordinary opportunities.

Our investigations and research:

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