Fondazione Italia Digitale

Fondazione Italia Digitale is the first in Italy dedicated to digital policy and culture at 360 degrees. There are many objectives of our activity, these are the main ones:

  • The Foundation’s aim is to contribute to the development of digital-related policies needed to address the transformation taking place in society, politics, culture and the economy These changes are happening so rapidly that we do not always have the specialist knowledge and expert perspectives needed to assess and respond to evolving problems, exploit new opportunities, overcome challenges and avoid potential pitfalls. Indeed, the continuous waves of technological innovation promote enormous changes, which need to be addressed with new ‘rules of engagement’ to enable a balanced transition from the traditional vertical society to the so-called ‘democracy of platforms’, inhabited by ‘digital citizens’.
    To do this, the Foundation interfaces with public and private stakeholders. The stakeholders with whom it interfaces include public authorities, private companies, citizens, other foundations, organisations and think tanks. In this sense, the Foundation explicitly and intentionally constitutes an instrument for dialogue and collaboration, particularly between the two worlds of the public and private sectors, which are struggling to find opportunities for exchange, confrontation and ultimately a harmonious and coherent composition of the decisions on which everyone’s future depends.
  • The topics to be worked on are many and will evolve over time to enable the primary objective to be achieved, which is precisely that of enabling the elaboration of the most appropriate ‘tech policies’ to protect the various subjects, citizens, companies, bodies and institutions, in the light of the changes taking place. These include: digital communication and information; copyright, in particular in the light of the EU directive and in the context of the development of digital content; digital citizenship; the correct way of developing and managing data and databases; privacy, in particular with regard to data management, and its role in the ‘information economy’; the implications and consequences of DSA and DMA (Digital Service Act, Digital Marketing Act); the consequences of the advent of Artificial Intelligence, 5G and other major technological innovations, such as blockchain and virtual reality; the role of digital infrastructures, platforms and the ‘platform economy’; the innovation cycle and how to manage the continuous waves of new technology; the sustainable, ethical and inclusive digital transition; sustainable energy and the impact of the digital ‘energy bill’; the role of digital tools in the development of the circular economy; the nature and evolution of digital services; digital geopolitics.
  • The Foundation aims to be the physical and digital place where stakeholders meet to talk about these issues and work out solutions, following the development of the debate in Italy and in Europe, analysing the necessary evolutions of the public debate on digital and innovation.

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