Fondazione Italia Digitale is born, the first in Italy dedicated to all-round digital policies

26 Giu 2021


The Fondazione Italia Digitale (Digital Italy Foundation) has been established, a new and innovative reality in the Italian and European panorama, which aims to be the privileged place for the discussion and development of digital policies at public and private level.

“The pandemic has accelerated processes and paths related to digital, it is time to do even more and make a contribution so that the opportunities of digital are exploited in the best way and at all levels. The Foundation was set up to be a point of reference for the public and private sectors in order to better address the changes that digital is bringing about on a social, cultural, political, and economic level,’ explains Francesco Di Costanzo, president of the newly-established Foundation.

The Foundation was born from the experience of the PA Social Association, which in just a few years has become the authoritative representative of digital communication and information operators On the strength of a vast membership and an intense and fruitful dialogue with all public and private actors involved in the development of the digital ecosystem, the Foundation expands the association’s mission, gathering additional energies (private and public) and aiming to represent a point of reference in the world of digital at 360°. The Founding Members are: Associazione PA Social, Open Comunicazione, Lievito Consulting, Istituto Piepoli, Associazione PerCorso, Media Data,,

“In the last year, a new scenario has rapidly opened up,” adds Francesco Nicodemo, spokesperson for the Foundation, “the tables to be addressed are numerous and important. From copyright to privacy, from the implications and consequences of the Digital Service Act and the Digital Markets Act to the role of the ‘platform economy’, from the impact on the lives of citizens and companies of artificial intelligence and 5G to the role of digital tools in the development of the circular economy and much more. The first months of our activity will be dedicated to focusing on priorities and launching the first working tables’.

The first appointment is in September, with a presentation event in Rome. The Foundation is open to membership by individuals and organisations.

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